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Which is Better for a Family Vacation, a Hotel or Vacation Rental?

When you need to find accommodations near Naples, you may be trying to determine whether to book a hotel or a vacation rental. When making up your mind, there are some things to consider about our Lely Resort rentals that you simply won’t find with any hotel.

luxurious living room in a vacation rental

Book With Confidence

You can book a vacation rental online or you can book directly with one of our agents. In either case, you’ll receive personalized attention from a team of experienced agents. They strive to provide you with everything on your wish list. Instead of spending hours trying to comb through our hundreds of vacation rentals in and around Naples, you can rely on us to find what you’re looking for. We will arrange everything and serve as your point of contact throughout your stay. You can book with confidence in knowing that the amenities that are advertised are the amenities that you’ll find when you arrive. 

Enjoy Flexibility and Convenience

When you stay at a hotel, you will likely be charged per night. However, when you book a vacation rental, you have the option to book monthly or even find annual rentals in Lely Resort. You often receive a discounted rate when you book a longer stay at a vacation rental. Most homes are equipped with keyless entry, which means that no one has to be available to let you in. You also have the convenience of using the amenities without sharing them with others. This is reason enough for many to book a vacation rental rather than a hotel room!

Privacy and Security 

We want the same thing that our guests want: privacy and security. These are often the two things at the top of our guests’ wish lists. They are in luck because most of our rentals offer a high-quality security system, while others have physical security patrolling the area 24/7. If you have come to Florida to relax, the last thing you probably want to do is have to interact with others. Due to the level of privacy that you receive when you book a vacation rental, you don’t have to talk when you don’t want to, since you only come in contact with those in your household.

Save When You Book Direct

When you book direct with us, you receive personal attention from our agents. When you book online, you often have to pay additional administrative fees. We enjoy building a rapport with our guests and helping make their vacation one that they will never forget. A truly great vacation starts with great accommodations. No one offers better accommodations than we do at Lely Resort! 

Lely Resort is a pristine golf course community with 4,000 luxury homes, offering 1- to 3-bedroom accommodations. You have direct access to many of the property’s amenities at no extra charge. We can’t say the same about the various amenities that are offered at a hotel. Most hotels do not offer the convenience of a fully stocked kitchen, private outdoor dining, pool, and entertaining area, or washer and dryers. You will often find these and more when you stay at a vacation rental. (And did we mention we even offer pet-friendly rentals so that you can bring the family dog along with you?)

If you can find a place that offers all of this and more for one affordable price, why would you ever consider staying at a hotel? Instead, outline what’s important in your vacation accommodations and call us to find the ideal vacation rentals at Lely Resort.