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Where is Lely Resort?

Lely Resort is one of the most assured places to stay in southwestern Florida. With a variety of fun activities, intriguing vistas, warm and welcoming amenities, and a quiet place to relax at just about every turn, Lely Resort has turned into the area’s premier destination for good old-fashioned Florida vacation relaxation. 

We take a deep look into what makes the community special, from the golfing to the beach, the social amenities to the nearby nature.

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Lely Resort condo rentals are found in one of the area’s best selling golf-centric communities in Naples, Florida, with 2,900 acres to explore and innumerable homes in secured and private little nooks. Guests, permanent or seasonal, can indulge in the features of this warm community.

Area Information

There are about 4,000 homes in the community, primarily 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. The resort is further divided into about 12 different smaller neighborhoods that host about 75 to 100 homes apiece. Guests can simply stay in their home or explore the vast network of potential places to see, including the community clubhouse, pool, and regional attractions.

Lely Resort is a delight for all ages. While couples can settle in for the long haul in a quiet part of the community, families can still find plenty of family things to do near Lely Resort

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The defining place to hang out and relax is the Players Club and Spa. It is about 20,000 square feet of things to do. This includes a spacious media room for internet use, personal or business, an arts and craft studio with open instructional on a schedule, a billiards, and general game room, and an utterly massive fitness center. It comes to about 3,500 square feet and makes up about a fifth of the entire clubhouse.

Step right outside the clubhouse to see the stunning sundeck and resort pool. It houses a large open sandy area for quiet relaxation and a poolside cabana for some shaded comfort. The pool itself is divided into two parts. One is an outdoor lap and exercise pool stressing health and movement, while the other is a quiet wading area. Both give you the quick option to take a break and grab a drink or snack at the tiki bar.

Step out even further and review the immediately surrounding area. You will see a basketball court, 12 tennis courts, and an area for bocce ball in the vicinity.

The clubhouse is the heart of the community. Fascinatingly, that’s not all. Guests can take a more social-focused excursion over to the Village Center. It features an Old Florida pub with hearth-styled pizza, a bistro, a little ice cream shop, and more. It is like the neighborhood’s own little downtown area, rivaling even Naples itself!

Golfing in Lely Resort is also extremely popular. The most popular course in the community is the Classics, a 6,805-yard, par-72 course for members-only. It is most famous for its Flamingo Island par-3 fifth hole- a dastardly challenge for excited golfers who want ambiance mixed with skillful play. It exists on an island and is only accessible to the mainland via a small bridge.

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Where to Stay

Lely Resort is home to both modest-sized condos as well as expansive estates. It is a dazzling mix of all things that make living in Florida special, and all kinds of admirers of the quiet retirement life can find something to love.

From the beaches near Lely Resort to the epic golfing challenges, the community is a staple for lovers of vacation relaxation. Whether it is for a few weeks or a few years, vacation rentals in Lely Resort are the defining place to escape to.