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What Is The Weather Like Near Lely Resort?

During a stay at Lely Resort, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the wonder Naples weather. The weather in Naples FL is delightful throughout the different seasons of the year. No matter when you decide to spend your time at Lely Resort, our guide to the area’s local climate will surely help you plan appropriately.


Beautiful downtown Naples FL
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To start off with here, precipitation, as you might expect, is very, very low at this time of the year… and that is perfectly normal. There have been very few “off” years in which this has not been the case, but as you might have already guessed, that is extremely rare. All in all, you can expect to see about 2 inches or less from January through March / April. Typically, the lowest temp you will see during this season is about 65º in F which, for many people, is nice and warm (not too hot, nor too cold, it appears).

Even finding nice Lely Resort vacation rentals at this time of the year ought not to be too difficult a task if you know where to look. In fact, we also have Lely Resort pet friendly rentals. And if you book the stay, but need some ideas for something great to do nearby, consider visiting the Revs Institute!


From early March to mid-June, for the most part, the weather here gets anywhere from 2 to 4 inches in precipitation (with as much as about 9 – 10 inches in late June, in some cases). March gets highs of 80 degrees, just to give you an idea —- and the month after, it goes just a teeny bit higher to about 84. Of course, in May, that rise continues, and you get to about 89 degrees, whereas in June, that number can easily climb up to about 91. 

As for lows, in March, you are looking at about 58 ºF, but in April, it sits around 62 ºF. In May and June, in typical years, you’ll see things right at 68ºF and 73 ºF, respectively. Just keep this in mind. This season is a great time to check out the awesome Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge!


The summer months tend to see average monthly precipitation of anywhere from 8 to 10 inches, as you might have already concluded; in June, it sits at about 8.89 inches. Yet in July, it goes up to 9.18 inches. In August, there is a slight, nearly unnoticeable drop, and it tends to sit at 9.02 inches. And in September, of course (especially the last half of the month, in which summer truly comes to its ‘technical’ end), you’ll note things at about 8.66 inches. Talk about gradual change.

And as for high temperatures, June hits at 91, while July gives you just 2 degrees hotter weather. And of course, it stays at that 93 ºF for August as well, and then just drops by like one degree in September…. ending summer at about 92 ºF. For lows, those numbers would be 73 for June and 74 for July, August, and September. 


At this time of the year, much like in wintertime, you can expect to notice some of the lowest precipitation by inch. October gets 3.82 ; November gets 2.09 ; and early December gets 1.71, give or take. And for ºF highs, those numbers sit at 88 (October, all throughout the month), 83 (November, all throughout the month), and 78 (December, for at least the first half of the month, typically).

Well, now you know what the weather holds all throughout the year nearby this resort area. Now you can safely make your plans. Regardless of the season, there’s always something fun to do in Lely Resort!  Seeking Lely Resort condo rentals, too, for any time of the year? Check us out now. Our experts know all about it. Call up any of our team members today to help you plan ahead for some fun!