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Visit The Revs Institute During Your Stay At Lely Resort

There are so many fun things to do in Naples, Florida. Whether you are looking for an art gallery in Naples, FL, golf courses in Naples, FL, or something else fun and unique, the area is full of amazing adventures! 

The Revs Institute of Naples, Florida, is an awesome automotive event perfect for those that absolutely love cars. This museum helps the spark of cars over the 20th century and allows car lovers to purchase their dream cars along the way. Best of all, it’s just a quick trip from our Lely Resort pool rentals!

Vintage car dash at the Revs Institute in Naples


The Revs Institute is 80,000 square feet and brings you through history through all three stories. You will be able to see rare car collections that have changed the course of history over time. The cars tell their own unique tale as you visit the 3-story museum. 

The Revs Institute has amazing automobiles that are in their original and untouched state. You can see the rarest cars in the world! Various steps have been taken to ensure each of the collections remain amazing, historical, and in excellent condition for years to come. In fact, the air inside is twice-filtered simply to minimize contaminants. 

The Cars

The automobiles at The Revs Institute are all working vehicles. They can be loaned to other museums or events in the area for other automobile exhibits, but many will still be there. The parts are rare, and the repairs take a long time to ensure they stay in top condition. 

The Revs Institute’s website has a list of the different cars and how much they are currently selling for. There are galleries that are expected to be gone for months at a time. All the return dates are approximate, so the potential buyer needs to remember that. 

Beautiful Porsche at the Revs Institute in Naples

Tours & Exhibits

There are tours that are allowed and welcome at The Revs Institute. You will have an amazing time for an even better price when you are with a group! Groups must be at least 20 people and no more than 80 people. Groups less than 20 should schedule a regular tour (simply contact The Revs Institute ahead of time). The groups are led by docents and are available Fridays in the morning or afternoon. Each of the tours last around 2 hours. Once you have your group, it will be split into smaller groups of 8-10 people so that you have an even better experience. 

The cost for tours is $25 per person. You are not able to access the museum before or after your tour. Scheduling occurs 10 days before the tour date, so you want to be sure that you schedule your tour at least that much in advance. One payment has to be paid for the entire group upon arrival. Credit card, check, and cash are all accepted. 

Corporate events are also able to be had at Revs Institute. These can be had each weekday after 5 p.m., weekends are not available. You are not able to hold a fundraiser at Revs Institute. You can cater food, beer, and cocktails. You are also able to access the galleries at no extra charge! 

Gorgeous Ferrari at the Revs Institute in Naples

Pricing & Info

All visitors must reserve their tickets that they purchase for specific dates and times in advance. You are not able to simply show up, walk up and buy your ticket. Tickets are easy to purchase online! For an adult, it is $17. For a student, it is $12. For military and students, it is $12. Children 8 years and under are free. 

During this time, you can explore the galleries at your own pace. The museum has been set up to answer all your questions and educate you throughout your experience there. Admission is available on the hour from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

This museum is the perfect place to enjoy yourself, bring a loved one that enjoys cars, and educate yourself about the history of cars if you are in the area. You are sure to have a great time and make memories while enjoying a Lely Resort condo rental!