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Visit the Cape Romano Dome House in Marco Island

When guests arrive for a stay in our Lely Resort pet-friendly rentals they often have a few questions about their stay. One of the most common inquiries is guests asking about things to do near Lely Resort. One of the most interesting tourist attractions that we recommend is the Cape Romano Dome House. 


wonderful dome house
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The Cape Romano Dome House is an abandoned dream vacation home built in 1982 on Ten Thousand Islands, an island close to Marco Island, Florida. Ten Thousand Islands are only accessible from the water. Bob Lee, a retired oil producer, is the builder of the Cape Romano Dome House. He used a barge to move the supplies to build the dome homes. 

The original structure consisted of six connected dome structures containing a total of three bedrooms and bathrooms. The reason that Lee decided to build a dome-like home was that, according to friends and family, he did not like corners. He believed that angles take up space and are a waste. He also decided to build a dome-style home so that the rainwater could be used as the main source for the house. 

The Lee family lived in the home from until Hurricane Andrew devastated South Florida. Even though most windows were broken, the stable structure remained undamaged. Despite the plans of the new owner to renovate the home in 2005, several hurricanes later, it never occurred. The houses have started to erode and two of them have sunken. Collier County took ownership of the land in 2007 and started fining the new owner once the property was considered uninhabitable and ordering that it be demolished. He continued to receive fines that were nearly $1 million. It is unclear what will happen to the domes at this point.

Why Visit?

It is clear that this is a unique and interesting attraction, so why not visit it if you’re in the Naples, Florida area? Even though it isn’t as attractive as it may have been once-upon-a-time, it’s still exciting to know that something this interesting existed and still exists, at least for now. If you’re interested in a one-of-a-kind tourist experience, then visiting the domes is sure to offer you this. 

Even though the houses are deteriorating, some would say that they are still fascinating to see. They may think that how the houses are deteriorating is interesting and some even consider it art. If for some reason the dome houses can’t be preserved, it’s a good idea to see them while they last! At least you’ll have bragging rights that others will not have. It also offers you a great photo opportunity, which is a perfect reason to visit them before they are completely eroded and submerged.

How to Get There

The only way to access the Cape Romano Dome Houses is via small watercraft. To get there, visitors can leave from Caxambas Park and Marina to trek an hour and a half to the tip of the island. Visitors will also find boat rentals, concession stands, and docking available at the four-acre park. 

The area is mostly isolated and is a major landing point for migratory birds, creating a great ecosystem. While on the island, many visitors simply make a day of it by bringing along their beach towels and baskets and soaking up some sun while there. Visitors also enjoy walking along the sandbars and enjoying the rough natural beauty of the island. 

A trip to see the Dome Houses is a destination trip, which means that most visitors are only visiting the island to see the Cape Romano Dome Houses. Many of our Lely Resort rentals guests seem to enjoy the trip to view the Dome Houses, which is why we recommend it. Contact us today to start booking your trip!