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The Best Places To Grab A Coffee Near Lely Resort

Did you find your ideal Lely Resort condo rentals and now want all the latest on finding Lely Resort coffee shops or just coffee shops near Naples FL, in general? Then stick around. Do not click away. This blog will be a treat to read (just as delicious of a treat, hopefully, as that coffee cake you are about to have when you read about some of the following coffee shops, so start preparing your taste buds)! 

Narrative Coffee Roasters

Delicious coffee near Naples FL
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Naples FL coffee shops don’t get better than this! You could almost say these people set the narrative (get it?) for what coffee should and should not be like. They are the real experts working their magic. Their baristas are friendly, quick to serve and prepare, and trained in the details. 

They will get your blend of mocha, or whatever else you like, made just the right way (with the right texture of creaminess, the right amount of beans in preparation, and all else). Just tell them what you want, and watch them whip up the drink of your choice in seconds…. go easy on the cream, though. 

Janes Garden Café

This place is perhaps named Jane after Tarzan’s Jane. She is wild and creative with drink choices, and this place…. unmatched. She really rules the jungle of coffee, you could say, with her many ways to do a hard decaf on the toughest of days (and even with the toughest of customers, which she, as a café, is more than ready to handle, of course). Here, you can have your pick of breakfast or lunch, too, in case you have time to sit down and eat as well. Heck, they just thought of everything…. convenience when you need it.

Divine Naples Coffee & Wine

Google “coffee shops Naples FL” and this one is sure to come up during the search. It is one of the most-loved places in this area, and that’s a fact! Is this coffee shop truly divine, like the name will make you think it is? Well, folks, that would be a big understatement. It is beyond excellent. This little downtown Naples spot knows the full language of coffee, both in and out. They serve every major type of known European coffee out there on the market. No doubt you can find something to enjoy pool side at your Lely Resort rentals with a pool!

They do it with a smile, and do local delivery, which is super helpful. Feel like having your coffee brought to you? Then just order by phone! 


It sounds like Jumanji, does it not? Well, Kunjani, some might say, is like the mystical, magical Jumanji OF COFFEE… if you can believe it. No lie, this place has an amazing blend of what they like to call “Ethiopia Quantit,” which some truly define as the house coffee (and the best there is, at that). It is often at a special discount, in case you’d like to buy a bag of your own from them as well.  

Once you try a cup, you just might want to buy a bag. With a coffee roaster that uses ZERO emissions (that is right… you read correctly), you can rest assured that you are getting some of the purest coffee out there. 

And of course, after you grab your daily coffee, you’re going to want to explore the town. This lovely area also has some amazing Naples grocery stores, a few art galleries, and even more historic spots, like Old Naples (if you really want to learn a bit about where this region originated and who got things started). So, learn more by going online and Googling the whole thing. There is so much you can learn from just a quick, two-minute browser search! Be sure to do your research to come up with the best things to do with your family while you’re in town.  

Want to look at Lely Resort condo rentals next? Well, our experts have just the thing for you. Want something like a Lely Resort pet friendly rental? Perhaps with a pool or a pool view, at least? Either way, they know just how to get you what you’re looking for. Call them this instant!