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Explore the Everglades National Park near Lely Resort

Lely Resort is perfect for resting and relaxing and will have you right in the lap of luxury. Relax with an afternoon at the spa or head to the green for an early game of golf. Indulge in fresh seafood or stroll the streets to find a unique souvenir to remember your journey. There is also plenty to discover in local cities that are perfect for a Lely Resort day trip. One of the most exciting day trips around is to Everglades National Park, where you can get up close and personal with the wildlife and learn more about what we can do to protect them and their environment.

Walkway in the Everglades National Park


Everglades National Park presents a unique opportunity to observe and learn about some of America’s most rare and endangered species. This destination has been internationally recognized for its importance, as it is a Wetland of International Importance, a World Heritage Site, and an area that is specially protected under the Cartagena Treaty. This park has been serving the community since 1947, and locals and tourists alike love visiting for a fun and informative afternoon. Everglades National Park is also dedicated to science and research efforts to restore and maintain the ecosystems of their plants and animals.

Everglades National Park is located at 40001 State Road 9336 in Homestead, just a 40-minute drive away from our Lely Resort rentals. Entrance fees to the park cost $30 per vehicle or $15 per person walking or on a bicycle. There are four visitors centers on the premises for you to explore and get more information on each area of the park. They are open daily all year long. In the wet season (April through October), visitor centers are open from 9 a.m. until 5 PM. The dry season (November through March) has the visitor centers open from 8 a.m. until 5 PM.

Things to Do

Everglades National Park is one of the best things to do near Lely Resort because there is something for everyone to enjoy. Of course, you’re able to view some incredible creatures like the American crocodile and the manatee. You are also able to go fishing and bird watching for an even more personal experience. Get in the water by boating, canoeing, or kayaking. Take a guided tour with one of the trained rangers to learn all the behind-the-scenes work of the park, or even spend the night camping on the grounds. Visitors of all ages will love exploring the Everglades, and this trip will leave your family with memories that will last for years.

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Where to Stay

Our Lely Resort vacation rentals allow you quick access to Everglades National Park and the rest of the nearby attractions while also giving you plenty of seclusion and comfort. No matter how big or small your group is, we are happy to accommodate you and will work our hardest to fulfill any request or need. Our team is friendly and knowledgeable and can help you with everything from an issue with your rental to recommending the perfect spot for brunch. We have rentals with pools so that you can get in the water whenever you please, and we have pet-friendly rentals if you want to bring your dog along for your journey. We can’t wait to help you see why we love the Lely Resort area. For more information on Everglades National Park and all of our Lely Resort rentals, contact us today!