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Delicious sushi near our Lely Resort vacation rentals

Visit the Best Sushi Restaurants Near Lely Resort

When you’re traveling, one of the best ways to experience the local culture is by indulging in some great cuisine. The Lely Resort area has all kinds of delicious restaurants for you to try out! If you’re finding yourself in... Read more

A romantic dinner for two near Lely Resort

Romantic Restaurants Near Lely Resort for Your Date Night

When you’re planning a trip to Lely Resort for yourself and your sweetheart, you’re going to want to take some time to do something special for the two of you. What better way to reconnect and enjoy yourself than having... Read more

chocolate cake

Where Can You Get the Best Dessert Near Lely Resort?

Vacations should be all about treating yourself. Here in Florida, we pride ourselves on offering the best treats in the country. From afternoons lounging by the beautiful ocean to sumptuous seafood meals, Lely Resort has treats for everyone! If you’ve... Read more


Enjoy the Best Pizza near Lely Resort on Your Next Vacation

It is hard to dislike pizza. With the virtually limitless number of possible toppings, a plethora of combinations, and varieties like deep dish, New York, and more, pizza has a history expressed in every slice. As some say, even the... Read more

beers near lely resort

Top 3 Breweries near Lely Resort

Lely Resort is an electric luxury neighborhood with high-end amenities, numerous top-tier activities, and lots of superb views. When you secure your stay in one of our Lely Resort condo rentals, you get access to all the best of Naples... Read more

Where to Enjoy a Thanksgiving Meal Near Lely Resort

Thanksgiving in Naples, Florida, is a treat. With the warm weather and the beautiful palm trees, who wouldn’t want to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in Naples? If you are seeking local vacation rentals, there are a number of Lely Resort... Read more

The Best Restaurant to Enjoy After a Round of Lely Resort Golf

When planning a Florida vacation, you may have considered destinations like Panama City Beach, Orlando, or Miami. One of the best-kept secrets of the state is Lely Resort, a small town with a big-city feel, providing you with the ultimate... Read more

Where to Eat Stone Crab: Florida’s Gulf Coast Delicacy

When you’re vacationing in Florida, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll want to try some fresh seafood. Many local restaurants feature fresh catches of all kinds, giving you plenty of options suitable for any palate. One popular dish at the... Read more

Eat a Delicious Lely Resort Breakfast or Brunch

One of the best things about Lely resort vacations is the sheer abundance of incredible food. The restaurants in the area take pride in utilizing fresh ingredients and locally sourced seafood to create unique offerings based on all sorts of... Read more

Best Seafood Restaurants Near Naples, Florida

The city of Naples, just a short drive from Lely Resort, has some of the freshest seafood in Florida. Unsurprisingly, the local restaurants take advantage of the special proximity to some of the best fishing waters in the country. Whether... Read more