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4 Bedroom Rentals Suited for a Family Vacation at Lely Resort

Need a little extra space? Looking to let loose while still maintaining some privacy and comfort? Can’t find a place for the pup?

Our Lely Resort rentals offer you and your family the best entry point to a region known for its lovely attractions, gorgeous sights and sounds, stunning beach views, and the ever-ubiquitous presence of palm trees.

Southwest Florida is simply magical. Fortunately, we have hand-selected some of our most popular and sought-after rentals in Lely Resort to book for your family’s stay in this wonderful area of Florida.

Ole OLE13502s

Our Ole home exhibits all the best qualities of a sophisticated, modern, and accessible vacation home rental. It has high-quality conveniences, like upgraded appliances, a front-loading washer and dryer on-site, two single car garages, and a study nook. But it’s open-concept really helps shine a light on how incredibly spacious the rental is. Even when your party is large enough to fill the space for up to 15 guests, you’ll still find plenty of space to stretch your legs. Ole is about 10 miles from the beach. It features a separate shower and tub in the master bedroom for added comfort and relaxation. The community pool provides some nice respite for the afternoon, while the balcony is an ideal place to admire the surrounding foliage. 

It is also near some of the area’s best natural sights, such as the Naples Botanical Garden and the Rookery Bay Park. Both offer natural experiences with wildlife that may soon come to define your entire trip.

Contact our listing agent, Faith Squires, for more specific details and booking, or simply contact our team to find more vacation homes suitable for your adventuring needs.

pool home on the waterway

Bellagio BEL8564

The elongated rectangle shape design of the Bellagio is as inciting as it is incredibly clever. Every major part of the home is designed to complement the other- a cascade of wonderful design to capture your imagination and invite you deeper into the home. The entry way draws you into the main living and dining spaces, conjoined and open-concept, breathing life and energy into the home’s bold design. The living room edges up against the patio, ultimately leading everyone to the home’s prize- a staggeringly beautiful screened-in pool and patio deck, furnished with flat and upright seating, pots and flowers, a hot tub, a grill, custom-built granite, and more. You can lounge out and soak in the sun or gather the whole group for a cozy late-evening dinner by the water.

The home is just seven miles from one of the area’s most famous beach escapes- Tigertail. At 3,250 square feet, with an attached garage space, you’ll discover plenty of places to get privacy while also being in the vicinity of those you love.

All of these features help make our home, condo, and Lely Resort pet-friendly rentals spectacular. Contact us for any information about the above rentals, the history of Lely Resort, local attractions, and other information to enhance your planned stay. And be sure to book your vacation dates before others, as the travel bug is really getting to us all!